Dr. von Kleeck (“Doc vK”) is a Data Scientist and Data Science Research Professor with Mercy College. A few years ago he performed the initial research into establishing an MS in CS – Data Science. Currently Doc vK teaches Ststistics while providing Data Science Empowerment Services to select clients.


A graduate of the University of Delaware, Doc vK holds a Doctorate of Professional Studies degree (DPS) in Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics from Pace University. In addition, he holds an MBA in Quantitative Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University.


     Doc vK’s career has three distinct Phases


Career Phase I, During this phase, Doc vK served as the Director of the Operations Research Division of Equitable Life Assurance Society. There, he managed an internal consulting organization that focused on applications productivity improvement. From this experience he found that applications development productivity had three components:

   1. a tool set component

   2. a staff development component

   3. a management process & control component.

Doc vk recommends the same three components when building a Data Science Group.


Career Phase II, During this phase, Doc vK released a newly developed applications productivity software management product and formed vK Systems, Inc. was  as the revenue source for that software product. He then started as a full time computer science professor, but he quickly moved on to teaching as an adjunct professor and filling the “free time” as an independent management consultant focusing on decision modeling services.


Career Phase III, During this phase, Doc vK started his doctoral studies.  Doc vK then redirected the focus of vK Systems, Inc. from decision modeling services to Data Science and Predictive Analytical services. After successfully completing several predictive modeling projects, Doc vK realized that the true value of vK Systems, Inc. services did not lie delivering predictive models but in delivering Data Science Empowerment Services

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